Lover of Books.

I’ve always wanted to be a book reviewer.  How cool would it be to review a book before it got published?  However, I have no want to go back to school for an English degree so I settle on reviewing all the books I read on Amazon and Goodreads.  Maybe it will get me somewhere one day, maybe not, but either way, I love reading and I love reviewing the books.

I just wanted to do this first post just state that these posts would be a review of the books I read.  I’m not going to lie, I mainly read adult romance books, some call them smut. Sometimes I throw in a little bit of mystery.  But, I will take suggestions, if someone comes across this blog of mine and would like for me to review a book, please leave a comment and let me know and i’d be happy to check it out.

More often then not you’ll fine me reading 2-3 books a week or if i’m being lazy ill stick to one.

I hope you all enjoy this adventure with me and enjoy these book reviews.

Always a book lover,



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