After You

After You By Jojo Moyes gets 3 out of 5 stars from me.

When I saw there was a sequel to Me Before You I was intrigued as one of the main characters had just killed himself.  To me the sequel had to be damn good to live up to predecessor.

After You takes place a year and a half after Will’s death.  Louisa has not stuck to any of her promises to Will.  She is working at an airport bar and does relatively nothing else.

Louisa is drunk one night angrily shouting at the sky (she’s talking to Will) when she gets distracted by a girl and falls off the roof of her building.  Later, that same girl shows up at her house and it turns out, she is Will’s daughter that he never knew about.

This book is about Louisa helping Will’s daughter.  In the end though Louisa does help Will’s daughter, get the good job and the man.

It is a good read, but with a book as good Me Before You it’s hard to follow that up with a sequel.


Next Up: Wasted Words By Staci Hart

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