Before I start my review on this book I do want to note that before this series with C0nway and Stone Gentry, there was a series of 5 books in regards to the ‘other’ Gentry’s Cord, Creed and Chase, they are referenced in this series and I would recommend reading them, just because it is a good read!

With that being said, I give Cross By Cora Bent 4 out of 5 stars.

The Gentry’s, all Gentry’s don’t have a good rep around town, so instead of trying to make people see that their wrong about them Stone and Conway live up to their rep.

Cross starts off with a chapter from Stone writing his feelings from four months ago and then jumps in to the story of what happened.  Conway is a little more gentle then Stone. Stone is a playboy where as Conway has a girlfriend Erin who has grownup next door all their life.

Erin has some problems of her own that no one knows about, until one day Stone sees her.  What happens when Conway sees his brother and girlfriend and assumes the worst?  Will it end badly?

I recommend you read and find out.  You won’t be disappointed.


Next Up: Walk By Cora Brent

Always a book lover,



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