I would  rate Walk (A Gentry Boys Series) By Cora Brent a 3.5 out of 4 stars.

Let  me start off by saying, I am a HUGE fan of the whole Gentry Boys Series! With Walk you can read it as a stand alone as it just tells Stonewall and Conway’s story. However, I love that with each new book in the series the whole family is involved and your kept up to date with the past characters.

And now I’ll get into the actual book.

Walk is Stonewall’s story, what happens after that tragic car accident that (spoiler alert, if you haven’t read the novella Cross) kills his brother’s, Conway’s, girlfriend Erin and sends Stone to prison for four years.

Stone tries to reach out to Con via letters while in prison, but the letters go unanswered. Once Stone is released his cousins and Deck (who he later finally finds out is his half-brother) help him find a job and transportation. Stone meets Evie at his job and of course, they fall in love.

Once out of prison, Stone sees Con first at a family barbecue and Con does speak to him, only to tell him that if Stone wishes to stay out of prison, he will stay away from Con. Stone then has his roommate and Deck keeping their eyes out for Con and this leads Stone to a strip club where he is once again warned away. The next time Con’s whereabouts are known is underground racing, Stone manages to convince Con to come with him for 8 hours to, “see a girl” and if after that time Con still didn’t want anything to do with Stone, he could leave. Stone takes Con to Emblem, Con hasn’t been there since he left the night of the accident, they spend the night talking or saying nothing in the truck and in the morning go to Erin’ s grave. Con hasn’t even said Erin’ s name since she died.

But, we are back to Stone and Con and “strength in the brothers” but, will Con change?


Next Up: Life Just Got Real By Sadie Robertson

Always a book lover,



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