Life Just Got Real

I would rate Life Just Got Real By Sadie Robertson a 3.5 out of 5.

While reading this book, I felt as if I was reading a bit of story of Sadie’s life in reading about A.J.  A.J is girl from Louisiana who just moved to Tennessee with her mother and brother for a new start as her father recently passed a couple of years ago.  A.J will be starting her Junior year of high school at a prep school.  This is where she meets the other main character Kate Kelly, Kate is a nice girl, but she is a material girl.  She is Junior class president, a girl who is in charge of everything, but at the same time, she lives in a world where she kind of thinks your only as good as your money.

Kate is in the running for a reality show, and once A.J appears, they want the reality show to show the two different sides of Tennessee life.  A.J also becomes good friends and then by the end of the book, kind of boyfriend/girlfriend with Kate’s brother Kaden.  At the end of the book Kate and A.J kind of come together.

One of my favorite quotes from this book is spoken from A.J and it states, “‘Life is like the water in that stream, always rushing past, always moving, different moment to moment.” I thought this was his way of telling me to enjoy the stillness of those quiet moments we had together, shoulder to shoulder on the solid bank.  But now, I don’t think that’s what he meant at all.  I think he was trying to warn me that life could change, just like that.  That currents could shift, and suddenly I could be headed in a direction I never imagined.”

In reading this, I could really tell that Sadie writes a lot like she speaks.  I love listening to Sadie speaks as she speaks right from her heart and you can tell she writes the same too.


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Always a book lover,



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