The Way With You.

I give The Way With You By Anne Mercier a 3 out of 4 stars.

The Way With You picks up right where The Way Back To Me leaves off.  Cam’s ex-girlfriend Alison is back in town, who was also one of Olivia’s high school bullies and she picks up right where she left off.  Her stipulation is, if Olivia breaks up with Cam, then she will Olivia alone, but Olivia isn’t having that.

However, Cam has started football back up and that seems to be his number one priority.  He seems to forget he has a girlfriend, until those Friday night parties when he’s drunk and wants sex.

So, Olivia has some choices to make.  Does she end things with Cam?  She does try for a break, but Cam with his smooth moves apologizes and convinces Olivia things will be different.  And that same day, Olivia is threatened, again, by Alison.  There is a Friday night football game and Olivia gets a message from Cam’s phone, she follows the directions and ends up brutally beaten and in the hospital.  But, Alison was in the stands the whole time.

Once Olivia gets out of the hospital, she is suffering from some broken bones and PTSD and again Cam has gone MIA.  Olivia has grown pretty close to Sebastian and he has been staying over to help her with her nightmares.  Cam comes over one night and accuses Olivia of cheating, this is when Olivia can’t take it anymore and ends things for good.

So the question is, does Alison and the attacker ever get caught? I think you all should definitely read this book to find that answer out alone.

The one thing that made me sad with this book is The Way Back To Me really had me rooting for Cam and Olivia and that was all taken away in The Way With You, but it was still in overall good book.


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Always a book lover,




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