The Year of Second Chances (A Sunnyvale Series).

Please be advised that this is the third book in this series.  I had already read the first two books prior to starting this blog, I do recommend reading the whole series those, you can’t read them separately.

I give The Year of Second Chances By Jessica Sorensen 4 out of 5 stars.

The Year of Second Chances picks up right where The Year of Falling in Love left of. Kai is trying to crack the code on the flash drive to see what information is on there that might clear Isa’s mom and hopefully get her out of prison.  Kai does get the flash drive cracked and there is very important information on there that will help Isa’s mom, but will also will make others very angry.

When Kai takes Isa out paintballing to try to keep her mind off of all the crazy things that are always going on around her, she is kidnapped, but by whom, she doesn’t know.  Kai gets a message delivered that if he wants Isa back unharmed he is to bring the flash drive to a certain location with no cops.  When Kai gets there he runs into Isa who comes running out of the woods as she escaped from the kidnappers.  The kidnappers come after Isa and Kai, but they are able to outrun them.  The kidnappers message Isa and Kai again threatening that if they didn’t mean them in a certain location, they would hand incriminating information of Kai over to the police.  While Kai and Isa are otherwise occupied, the kidnappers get their hands on the flash drive.

Isa gets a text from her dad that there is a box of her things at the house that he will leave there if she wants to come in get it as the house is being sold.  Isa goes over to get it and things get bad when her step-mother is there.

What happens between Isa and her step-mother? Who were the kidnappers? Who set-up Isa’s mom?  And what happens with Isa and Kai?  These are all very good reasons on why you should pick up the Sunnyvale Series today and get some answers, you won’t regret.


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