The Things We Wish Were True.

I give The Things We Wish Were True By MaryBeth Mayhew Whalen 2 out of 5 stars.

First let me say that at the end of this book there was an author’s note saying how she wrote based off of an almost tragedy that happened in her community. She tells how a little boy almost drowned at their community pool and how it brought their community together. At the end of their boys swim teams season that same little boy went up to collect his trophy and it really brought all of them together even more. 

MaryBeth stated how it was that incident and watching that same little boy collect his trophy at the end of the swim season that inspired her to write this story and particularly the one character around him. I love that, truly I do. I just couldn’t get into the story.

As every community does, especially if you live in a small one, everybody knows everybody whether you went to school with them, their kids or your kids go to school with them and this story is no different.

In this book we have Jencey who comes back to town with her two girls, Lance who has his two children, Zell who watches over Cailey, Cutter who is Cailey’s brother and who the story is around, Bryte, Everett, and Christopher.

When Cutter almost drowns and his mom is staying at the hospital with him, Zell an older lady takes Cailey in. This is when we find some of the co-minglings of the characters and the past come undone. I won’t tell you what it is but I will say Zell is connected to Lances wife leaving, Zells son Ty is responsible for Jencey being run out of town years ago, Everett is not the real father and his wife isn’t his first choice and Cailey is a hero.

In all honesty this book was hard for me to get into and a struggle for me to come back to.


Next Up: Everything We Keep By Kerry Lonsdale

Always a book lover,



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