Under the Lights (Field Party 2).

I give Under the Lights (Field Party 2) By Abbi Glines 4 out of 5 stars.

Let’s note that I could binge read Abbi Glines romance/smut books all day everyday. 

Under the Lights is the second book in the Field Party series. This book is mainly around Willa, Gunner and Brady.  Willa comes back into town after getting into some trouble, she used to be best friends with Gunner  and Brady and of course she started to develop a crush on Brady and they both started devloping crushes on her before she left town.  Now that she’s back and a teenager, you can be sure that there is still some ‘crushing’ going on.

Brady is the football QB from a good family. Where Gunner comes from a rich family where people may think he has everything he could ever want, but his family life, sucks.

Willa loves with her Nonna on Gunner’s family’s property so of course they are always running into each other. 

What happens when Willa trusts Gunner with her past? And when Gunner trust Willa with some huge family secrets.

Be sure to check this one out as Abhi does NOT disappoint!

Up Next:  Up in Flames By: Abbi Glines

Always a book lover, 



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