Love In Between.

I give Love In Between (Love Series 1) By Sandi Lynn 4 out of 5 stars.

The book is about Lily running from her past of a cheating fianceè who She happened to find cheating on their wedding day…with her sister and her mother knew. And Luke who she comes to find, but also has a past which was losing his high school sweetheart in an accident.

Luke and Lily’s best friends have their own side stories as well Sam and Gretchen as well as Lucky and Giselle. And then there is Lukes sister Maddie and Brice Charlie whose father is an alcholic and drug addict who makes promises he can’t keep and is never around.

This is definitely a story worth reading. Does Lily and Luke end up together? Something big happens with Giselle and Lucky. What happens with Maddie, Charley and the father? And what happens when tradgedy almost strikes with Sam and Gretchen? Read this, you won’t regret it.

Up Next:  The Upside Of Love (Love Series 2) By Sandi Lynn

Always a Book Lover,



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