Beautifully Decadent.


Beautifully Decadent By L.A. Fiore is the story of Avery who gets hired as pastry chef at Trace’s restaurant Clover and Rafe, Trace’s other best friend who he met when he younger at St. Agnes.  When Avery get’s hired on at Clover she also needs somewhere to live and Trace talks to Rafe and gets her his carriage house to rent.

Rafe’s father is just getting out of jail after being in there for 25 years for armed robbery.  Because Rafe’s mother wasn’t around, he spent his time at St. Agnes and then later on his own.  Once Rafe’s father gets out of prison things start happening.  Rafe’s ex-girlfriend Melody is lurking around trying to get the new codes to his house and Avery finds her being manhandled at a café.

One day Avery and Rafe our out shopping for a new car with Nat, Avery’s sister.  After, Avery and Nat go to a café and head their separate ways and then Nat goes missing.  And the people who took her are searching for a disc, but where the disc is, no one knows.

This was a good story, but I don’t think it was as good as the first two. It did hold my attention though.  I do recommend you read it to find out what the disc is, what happens to Nat and what happens between Avery and Rafe.

Always a book lover,



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