Dear Life.

Dear Life By Meghan Quinn is such a good book. It’s about four strangers Hollyn, Have, Daisy and Carter who all go through there own trials and tribulations and are brought together by this program called Dear Life.

Hollyn loses her husband in a tragic accident. It’s almost two years after his death and she is showing no signs of trying to move on. Her best friend Amanda tells her about the Dear Life program and she goes. What happens when Hollyn goes to the program and meets these two other individuals as she already knows and doesn’t like Carter?

Jace is a professional baseball player for the Colorado Miners. One day his ex shows up and informs him she is pregnant and is signing over her rights to him. Jace makes the decision to put the baby up for adoption as he knows he won’t be able to give her the care she deserves. Later, the baby’s birth mother states she wants the baby back and did not know Jace would be giving the baby up for adoption. What will happen with Jaces situation and how does the Dear Life program help him?

Daisy lived a sheltered life. She grew up living with her grams who homeschooled her and let her lead a very sheltered life. Daisy’s gram gets sick and is placed in a Community Center and Daisy goes to live with her half sister Amanda (yes, Hollyn’s Amanda).  This is where Daisy starts to learn she has lived a very sheltered life, all the way from her clothes to the type of tv shows and movies she watches.  See how the Dear Life program helped her out.

Carter’s parents both died from a drug overdose and when that happened, he was placed in his Uncles care.  He believed his Uncle didn’t want him.  He quit high school and went to college to become a chef.  But, he can’t do anything with his degree until he pays his Uncle off.  He finally has the money and then his girlfriend takes off with it.  Find out how the Dear Life program helps him, and why do he and Hollyn not getting along.

See how all of their lives end up interconnecting. It’s not a book you want to miss!

Always a book lover,



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