Fallen Crest Home. (Fallen Crest Series)

Fallen Crest Home (Book 6 of the Fallen Crest Home Series) By Tijan.

Theyreeeeeee back! Mason, Logan, Sam and the friends they bring with them are back in book 6 of the Fallen Crest Series. If you haven’t read the books up to this point, do it, you WON’T be disappointed!

The gang is home for the summer as Mason is interning for credits at his father’s company. But, being home means trouble. Mason is forced to work with Adam Quinn because daddy Kade thinks daddy Quinn is up to no good. And trust me this doesn’t lead to good things for Mason and the gang.

Sam is just hanging out for the summer while Mason is interning. But, her mother is right across the street and it’s got her feeling some type of way.  Sam turns back to her running for hours.  Sam even finds herself in some sticky situations with the Roussou crowd.

Will the summers transactions have an impact on Masons football career? Also, there’s a big cliff hanger that you don’t want to miss!

Always a book lover,



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