Silent Child.

Silent Child by Sarah A. Denzil is a thriller!

Silent Child is a about a six year old boy named Aiden who goes missing during a flood. A body is never found. Years later his mother, who was just a teenager when she had him declares him dead. 10 years after the accident Aiden comes walking out of the woods, but he’s not talking. At all.

Emma, Aidens mom is 9 months pregnant with her second child to a new husband and she is obviously overjoyed that her son is back. But, everyone has questions and suspicions. Their are reporters who are digging up the past, but are they wrong about everyone’s past?

You definitely have to read this one. You think you’ll know, but you’ll be so wrong.

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Fallen Crest Home. (Fallen Crest Series)

Fallen Crest Home (Book 6 of the Fallen Crest Home Series) By Tijan.

Theyreeeeeee back! Mason, Logan, Sam and the friends they bring with them are back in book 6 of the Fallen Crest Series. If you haven’t read the books up to this point, do it, you WON’T be disappointed!

The gang is home for the summer as Mason is interning for credits at his father’s company. But, being home means trouble. Mason is forced to work with Adam Quinn because daddy Kade thinks daddy Quinn is up to no good. And trust me this doesn’t lead to good things for Mason and the gang.

Sam is just hanging out for the summer while Mason is interning. But, her mother is right across the street and it’s got her feeling some type of way.  Sam turns back to her running for hours.  Sam even finds herself in some sticky situations with the Roussou crowd.

Will the summers transactions have an impact on Masons football career? Also, there’s a big cliff hanger that you don’t want to miss!

Always a book lover,


Easy Magic (The Boudreaux Series).

Easy Magic (The Boudreaux Series) By Kristen Proby.

This is Beau’s story, the oldest Boudreaux of 6 siblings (they each have a book).  The book didn’t really go over his background, if you read the other books you know he is a partner with two of his other siblings, Eli and Van in their boating company.  Instead the story mainly focuses on his love interests Mallorys background.

Mallory is a physcic. She sees the dead and when she touches people she knows their history and what their feeling, except for Beau. Beau, just makes her feel calm. 

Mallory’s grandma was also a physcic, but her abilities were slightly different and she used those abilities to help people and in the end, it killed her.  This same thing is out to get Mallory, it attacks her when she is at a senacè with the girls and again when she’s visiting her grandma’s grave. Will it get her?

I’m not sure if I loved or hated this story for not having a huge relationship bump in the road. But, it’s still worth reading and still worth finding out what happens to Mallory and in what way it does effect her and Beau. 

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Cole By Tijan is a story about a girl named Addison who loses her husband in what she thinks was an accident caused by a drunk driver. In order to get away from her past ghosts she moves into The Mauricio. What she didn’t know about her husband was that his family came from a mafia family, The Bertals and now she’s linked. 

Now, there’s Cole. Cole Mauricio. Yes, Addison lives in his apartment complex, but she doesn’t find that out til later. Around the time she finds out that he is the head of his family mafia. But, to late because she’s hooked. 

Read this to find out if Addisons husbands death was really an accident. And do Cole and Addison work out? 

Always a book lover,



Defense By Sandi Lynn is a story about a girl named Adriana who just just arrives in New York to live with her friend Olivia and ex Henry as she’s running away from some family drama.

When she gets there Olivias boss Luca sees her and gives her a temporary secretary job at his firm, not knowing she just graduated law school and just needs to pass the bar. He does later find this out and helps to get her to take the bar earlier.

Luca finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation. And who does he hire as his lawyer? Ariana, fresh off her passed bar exam. Also, their dating so if anyone finds that out they could both lose their license.

This is a good read. Read it to find out the full story that led Ariana to New York to begin with. And does she get Luca off the murder charges? 


Always a book lover,


Dear Life.

Dear Life By Meghan Quinn is such a good book. It’s about four strangers Hollyn, Have, Daisy and Carter who all go through there own trials and tribulations and are brought together by this program called Dear Life.

Hollyn loses her husband in a tragic accident. It’s almost two years after his death and she is showing no signs of trying to move on. Her best friend Amanda tells her about the Dear Life program and she goes. What happens when Hollyn goes to the program and meets these two other individuals as she already knows and doesn’t like Carter?

Jace is a professional baseball player for the Colorado Miners. One day his ex shows up and informs him she is pregnant and is signing over her rights to him. Jace makes the decision to put the baby up for adoption as he knows he won’t be able to give her the care she deserves. Later, the baby’s birth mother states she wants the baby back and did not know Jace would be giving the baby up for adoption. What will happen with Jaces situation and how does the Dear Life program help him?

Daisy lived a sheltered life. She grew up living with her grams who homeschooled her and let her lead a very sheltered life. Daisy’s gram gets sick and is placed in a Community Center and Daisy goes to live with her half sister Amanda (yes, Hollyn’s Amanda).  This is where Daisy starts to learn she has lived a very sheltered life, all the way from her clothes to the type of tv shows and movies she watches.  See how the Dear Life program helped her out.

Carter’s parents both died from a drug overdose and when that happened, he was placed in his Uncles care.  He believed his Uncle didn’t want him.  He quit high school and went to college to become a chef.  But, he can’t do anything with his degree until he pays his Uncle off.  He finally has the money and then his girlfriend takes off with it.  Find out how the Dear Life program helps him, and why do he and Hollyn not getting along.

See how all of their lives end up interconnecting. It’s not a book you want to miss!

Always a book lover,


Beautifully Decadent.


Beautifully Decadent By L.A. Fiore is the story of Avery who gets hired as pastry chef at Trace’s restaurant Clover and Rafe, Trace’s other best friend who he met when he younger at St. Agnes.  When Avery get’s hired on at Clover she also needs somewhere to live and Trace talks to Rafe and gets her his carriage house to rent.

Rafe’s father is just getting out of jail after being in there for 25 years for armed robbery.  Because Rafe’s mother wasn’t around, he spent his time at St. Agnes and then later on his own.  Once Rafe’s father gets out of prison things start happening.  Rafe’s ex-girlfriend Melody is lurking around trying to get the new codes to his house and Avery finds her being manhandled at a café.

One day Avery and Rafe our out shopping for a new car with Nat, Avery’s sister.  After, Avery and Nat go to a café and head their separate ways and then Nat goes missing.  And the people who took her are searching for a disc, but where the disc is, no one knows.

This was a good story, but I don’t think it was as good as the first two. It did hold my attention though.  I do recommend you read it to find out what the disc is, what happens to Nat and what happens between Avery and Rafe.

Always a book lover,


Beautifully Damaged and Forgotten.

Hello again everyone!  My first review back will be a two for one. I just finished reading Beautifully Forgotton By L.A. Fiore which is the second book in the Beautifully Damaged series.  You can read it as a stand alone, but I think it is better read as a series as there are things in the second book that you will only under stand if you read the first book.  So without further ado…

Beautifully Damaged is the story of Trace Montgomery a wealthy man who comes from a poor up bringing and Ember Walsh who is living in New York trying to become a writer.  While out at a club one night Ember finds herself in some trouble and Trace comes to her rescue, but Trace doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Trace comes from a family where is father did despicable things and his mother was not blind to them, but his father made sure she couldn’t do anything to help him.  As a result Trace ended up in an Orphanage and his sister ended up in a group home.

Ember is raised by her father as her mother was killed by a hit and run driver.  And you will never believe who the driver was…She now lives with her childhood friend who is dating a loser named Todd who has completely changed her.

You will want to read Beautifully Damaged to see how Trace and Ember’s past brought them together. It truly is a good story.

Beautifully Forgotton is the story of Lucien and Darcy.  Lucien was dropped off at the same Orphanage as Trace at the age of two, he was raised by one of the nuns, Sister Anne and had come to think of her as his mother, he even took her last name, Black.  When he was 16 a girl came in, Darcy MacBride, she was 14 and she changed his world.

When Lucien leaves the Orphanage he does some bad things to become the man he will be, but that’s what he becomes, a man, a wealthy man.

What made Darcy choose not to follow Lucien.  That is the question in Beautifully Forgotton.  We learn that she was pregnant and a man came and convinced her that Lucien would have been better off without her.  The questions were, who was the man, why did he come?

Read Beautifully Forgotton and find out what happened with Darcy’s pregnancy, it’s a good one.  Also, Todd’s back, find out how he’s involved.  You’ll also be updated on Trace and Ember, because duh, besties.


Until next time book lovers,



Hello friends! I’m back and ready to give you all a little taste of the books I’ve been reading again. 

I took a little break as I didn’t think many were interested, but now I realize I don’t care because I enjoy doing it. So for those who happen on these little snippets, I hope they encourage you to pick up and enjoy a new book.

Always a book lover,


The Upside Of Love.

I give The Upside Of Love ( The Love Series 2) By Sandi Lynn 3 out of 4 stars.

This book picks up where the first book left off. Lily and Luke are madly in love. But, remember in book 1 when Lily gave her honeymoon tickets away to the cute couple she seen?  And she took a picture of them? Turns out that was Luke and Callie and Luke and Lily didnt remember each other. It was on the way home from that trip that Luke and Callie were in the accident and Callie died.

When Luke finds the picture he blames Lily for Callies death and this sets the tone of the book.  

This book is pretty much Luke trying to win Lily back as he didn’t mean what he said. But because Lily really blames herself for the accident she won’t talk to Luke about the argument.

So, will Lily and Luke talk? You’ll have to read to find out.


Always a Book lover,